Is Your Email Deliverability At Risk?

By | April 26, 2014

Your EMail Deliverability Is At Risk

If you are already using your an email address from your own domain name as your reply-to address for your AutoResponder campaigns, you can stop reading. BUT ….

If you are using a Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, Hotmail or other commonly available free email service as your reply-to in your AutoResponder campaign, you are hurting your email deliverability.

After what has happened now, you will want to change that … and fast! and most reputable email service providers have always recommended that you not use such email addresses.

Our big reason for this recommendation was that it just didn’t look professional for a business to be using a free email service. Every time any business person hands you a card that has a gmail or yahoo email address on it, don’t you find myself wondering how credible this person or business is?

We get it. Those services are free and they require a little less work to set up, but using your own domain lends more credibility to your image and reputation.

Now, going beyond the concept of professionalism and image, big changes are happening on the internet and if you at all serious about your business image, and making sure your messages get delivered, it is time to stop using the freebie emails as your reply-to address in your AutoResponder Campaigns.

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If you have hosting, it’s easy to create an email account in your cPanel.  Click here to learn how.

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