How To Track Conversions On Any Squeeze Page

By | March 5, 2014

Tracking takes a bit of effort, and it’s tempting to ignore it, but in the end you will want to know where your signups are coming from.

Here is a simple way to track conversions, even if you use someone else’s squeeze pages and thank you or download pages.

This explanation is based on the tracker.  You should be able to apply the same idea with any other good tracker.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Create a tracker for your squeeze page.

(Use the Tracking Wizard at



2. Get your Conversion Image code.

Go to Edit Advanced Settings for your new tracker (or just Settings if it’s an existing tracker)


Scroll down to Results Trackers.  Get the Click Tracker javascript code.  Copy it into a notepad document.


3. Create a tracker for your thank you or download page.

(That’s the page that people see after they have submitted their information on your squeeze page.)

Under Advanced Settings for this tracker, choose the option to show the social frame above your page.


4.  Add the Click Tracker code to your download or thank you page tracker.

Go to Settings for your download page tracker.  Scroll down to Optional Javascript and add that code which you saved in the notepad file, to this area:


5.  Go to your autoresponder.

Find the related campaign, and add your download page tracker instead of the direct download page url.

In GVO autoresponder it looks like this:

First select your correct Campaign, then click on Forms tab and click on the Edit icon.


Now add your tracker link, where the thank you page link should go:


6.  Test your setup.

Using the first tracker you made (for your squeeze page), access the squeeze page in your browser and do a test signup.

You should see your thank you or download page come up after you click on the Subscribe button.

Now use the tracker you made for the squeeze page in your traffic exchanges, safelists and other advertising.

To check your stats, go to your tracker’s back office.  Mine shows that my squeeze page had 2 hits, and my download page had 1, which is a CTR (click thru rate) of 50%:


Click on the wrench for your squeeze page tracker, and see where your conversions came from!

In this case, the tracker has had 3 hits – 2 from my testing, and one from a traffic coop, and one conversion:


Conversion  means that someone hit the submit button on your squeeze page, and saw the download or thank you page.

Q. Why go to all this trouble when I can  just use the automatic feature which tracks clicks on the submit button as conversions?

A. Often the automatic tracking works, all you need to do is tick the boxes.  BUT SOMETIMES IT DOES NOT WORK, AND WORSE YET, MESSES UP YOUR OPTINS.  Make sure you test your tracker link very carefully if you take this option.  It will work just fine for some squeeze pages, and it will not work with others.  Never assume that it will work!  Test it for yourself, all the way through the opt in process.  (If it does not work, it does not mean your tracker is deficient.  All trackers have this problem with some pages, and not others.)

Q. I display the branding bar with my tracker.  Will that cause problems?

A. Most of the time it will not cause problems.  But SOMETIMES IT DOES.  Test!

Q. What about link cloaking? Will that cause problems?

A. Most of the time it’s great, but test it to be sure.

Q. How do I test?

A. Put your normal squeeze page url in the browser, and see what happens when you do a test opt in.  Then put your tracker link in the browser, and see what happens when you do a test opt in.  You should get the same results both times.  (You will need a different email account for the second test.)

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7 thoughts on “How To Track Conversions On Any Squeeze Page

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  2. Adriana Walton

    Thanks for a great explanation Carol. I can’t work out how to do part 5 using TrafficWave.
    Would you be able to help please?

    1. Carol Walczak Post author

      Hi Adriana, I apologize! I meant to answer your question and somehow it slipped my mind until I logged in to my blog just now.

      You were wondering how to add your thank you page URL in TrafficWave, or how to add the tracked link for the thank you page.

      You should be able to see that in my ebook below. The TrafficWave edition has a section on thank you pages, and how to set all that up:

      I hope that helps 🙂


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