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By | May 19, 2014

There are so many new safelists/viral mailers launching lately, and of course you want to make the most of them all.

I am SO GRATEFUL for UltiSend because it is the best organizing and time saving tool available for managing my safelists and mailings.

(Scroll down to see a video of how it works.)

UltiSend keeps track of:

– ALL my mailers (unlimited! for all members)
– which mailers I can send from now
– my last 3 mailings to each mailer, and the stats
– all my mailing templates, just select one and it auto-pastes!
– new mailers (adds them automatically)
– new emails (automatically adds them to my stored templates if I choose)
– which mailers allow the link in the email (takes the link out if not allowed)
– what the name token is for each mailer (for example #FIRSTNAME# or ~fname~ is automatically inserted where I want it)


UltiSend is a browser add-on available to members of ViralMailProfits.

It was created by the very clever Troy Wray, who has a gift for creating time-saving resources for internet marketers.  (For example, VitalViralPro tracker.)


To begin mailing, I log in at Viral Mail Profits.

The UltiSend bar appears, and I click on the clock icon to see which mailers are due for sending.

Then I click on the “Go” icon next to each mailer name, to go to the login page.
(UltiSend will remember my logins if I want it to.)

Once I’m logged in, the UltiSend toolbar appears when I’m on the Send Mail
page in my mailer, and I pick the email I want to send and fetch the template.

UltiSend autofills the email subject and body, and inserts the correct name token.

I enter the number of credits I want to use. And then I use the UltiSend send button
to send my email. UltiSend replaces my link with a tracking link, and sends the email.

UltiSend keeps track of how many credits I used, and how many clicks my emails
got at each mailer.

All of this takes just a few seconds!

It’s the best tool ever, and it enables me to make the most of my mailers.

Watch me send a mailing using UltiSend:

(The mailer in the video is Rodeo Mailer .)

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6 thoughts on “Fast Easy Safelist Management and Email Sending

  1. Bo Tipton

    You are right it is a great place to save time when sending out emails to safelist. What used to take hours I can do in about 30 minutes. This is one of my “Have to Have” programs

  2. john worsham

    It does not appear, to me,
    that the mailing function
    is any quicker, and possibly
    not as quick, as doing it the
    old way.

    I certainly can see the benefit
    of the records it produces as
    well as the mailing times ect.

    I do have to confess that i
    have been a member of ulti/
    send for quite some time and
    have not been smart enough to
    use it!

    It is also extremely time consuming
    to set up a 100 mailers!

    Thanks for the information,


    1. Carol Walczak Post author

      Hi John, I find it’s much quicker for me, when using UltiSend. There is no need to copy&paste, or to change the name token as that is done automatically.

      I guess it might be a big job setting up 100 mailers at once. I started when Viral Mail Profits first launched, so I’ve been adding mine a few at a time as I join them.

      How do you keep track of your 100 mailers?

      1. Carol Walczak Post author

        Also, with UltiSend, it adds the mailer for you automatically if you don’t already have it entered in Viral Mail Profits. You still need to set up the name macro and interval between mailings.

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