Be Flexible, Confident and Positive

By | March 15, 2014

Marketing has it’s ups and downs.  Some of them are seasonal and are to be expected.  But other times, it’s hard to know.

I think I’ve picked a trend about natural disasters and downturns in online spending. With strange weather and other disturbing news around the globe, people get anxious and don’t want to spend their money as easily.  Perhaps they become afraid to try new things.

And then, there are the ups and downs which you get when programs which you have been promoting, make big changes or have problems.  Do you ride it out, or quit?  That depends on your resources and your gut feeling as well.

All of these things are a fact of life in the marketing world.  If you want a sure thing, perhaps you need a job… but wait!  Jobs are not secure nowadays either!

So what do you do?  Quitting is not an option, or you wouldn’t be reading this.  You already know that you will keep on going.  So make the most of what you have learned and achieved so far, and stay flexible.

Build your list first and foremost, because your list is an asset which you can continue to work with, even if you change your focus or your main program goes downhill.

Build your residual traffic too.  You will need that no matter what you promote.

And, build up your skills and confidence in your ability, and in the value of what you can contribute to others.  Your confidence will keep you positive, and will be a big factor in your success.

Carol Walczak

Carol Walczak

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