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Launch of InfinityPUSH Delayed To Midnight

InfinityPush from Clinton Clark was due to launch at 3pm EST, but that has been delayed to Midnight

This could be good news for you!  Since the site is still in prelaunch, you can still buy a yearly Premium position and get 18 months, get positioned at the top for maximum results, and be all set up and ready when launch time comes.

Join here

You will need an access code before launch time. Try one of those below:

iLjRff    N9jtmM    p4gq1a    UQpJI3 BCW2CN



Where To Get BitCoin

BitCoin is just entering the safelist and traffic exchange niche, and you might not have any when you want to buy into a new opportunity.

Here is what you can do to buy some BitCoin:

  1. Join a BitCoin exchanger like CoinBase and set up your account.
  2. Add your Visa or Mastercard as a funding source.
  3. Use it to buy the required amount of BitCoin.

You don’t need to buy a whole BitCoin! You can buy a few dollars worth if you want.

Other ways to get BitCoin are via, or by exchanging some other currency with your sponsor in exchange for BitCoin.

Is BitCoin The Way Forward For Internet Marketers?

Lately, the usual payment processors in the internet marketing niche has been failing the industry. It’s not clear why. Some say that the pressure is on the processors from the credit card industry, due to high chargeback rates. As an owner and admin of several internet marketing sites, I don’t see a great number of chargebacks.  Have all marketing sites been tarred with the same brush as a few bad ones? Since the reason for the issue is unclear, and since the remaining payment processors may very well be hit with the same problems that our main one did, we really need a new approach.

Is BitCoin the way forward?

At the moment, BitCoin (BTC) is completely global. It has no government or other regulations telling you how you may or may not make or spend your money. And there are no chargebacks or fees attached to it’s use.

There is a plethora of new BitCoin based sites springing up now, and you can find one that suits your style.

I like InfinityPush from Clinton Clark.  It goes into public prelaunch at 3pm EST on 29 March 2017. You will be able to buy positions for as little as $10, so it should find ready acceptance in the marketplace.

Click here to watch a recent prelaunch webinar from Clinton.

And click here to download a PDF of the comp plan.

Join InfinityPush here



AdTroopers Viral Mailer Under New Ownership

AdTroopers is an established safelist/viral mailer with over 15,000 members.  It was recently taken over by Acorn Marketing (Bo Tipton and myself).

There are a ton of safelists and mailers around, so what sets AdTroopers apart?

Here are some things which make it worth joining and using AdTroopers:

No games or pennies for clicks – everyone who clicks on your ads, is doing it to get credits for their own ads.  Your ads are seen by real marketers.

New owners are experienced marketers and are actively building the site to make it into a cash machine for all members.

Over 15,000 members.

Downline integrity – we advertise YOUR downline builder links to your referrals! We don’t advertise our own links to your referrals in admin emails or on the site.  (Except for fair use of banners, text ads and mailings as any other member would.)

Weekly  cashouts with only $1 minimum, and no need to request.  Just make sure your PayPal email is entered in your profile, and you will be paid.

Join today and you will get 300 credits free to test our mailer.

Our Downline Builder (Referral Builder) Works – Proof!

I keep mailing out my members’ links (from our Referral Builder) to their referrals, using those in-house splash pages…

and I’ve been waiting for someone to say “hey, this works, thanks, I got referrals!”.

So, I’m very pleased to finally have proof to show you!

The screenshot below is from a skype chat with Klaus, one of the owners of CEO Marketing Path. He keeps track of which downline builders bring in the most referrals to his new site, and Marketing To Be Free is in 4th position! Our Referral Builder works!


So you can keep bringing in the referrals at Marketing To Be Free, and know that the system is doing it’s work for you!

Carol Walczak

Carol Walczak

Work with me at Marketing To Be Free

The Secret to Mastering Mailers (A Simpler Way)

Have you been looking for a simpler way to manage your safelist mailings?

I’ve been using and promoting a more complicated system, but after hearing from several people who could not understand it, I went looking for an easier way.

And I found it!

It’s called Mailer Ninja, and it is a very simple system, easy to set up and use.

When you log in, it shows you the next mailer you can mail from,

and it shows you one of the messages you have saved,

and then, you can either auto-login and auto-post the message to your mailer,

or you can log in to the safelist manually and do the copy&paste yourself.  It’s up to you.

I like it!  Simple and efficient!

You can see how fast you can mail with MailerNinja:

Free Report – Safelist Marketing Tactics

Safelists (also known as List Builders) are a great source of free and low cost traffic to your website or affiliate offer.

Jerry Iannucci has written a great ebook called “Safelist Marketing Tactics“.  It tells you all you need to know to make the most of your safelist advertising, in the most effective way.

Jerri writes in simple language and  has some very useful tips to share.

Here’s a sample of what you will discover…

– How to drastically reduce the time spent clicking for credits while still sending your ads to the maximum number of readers.

– How to setup your inbox to make managing multiple safelist accounts a breeze.

– How to stand out from the competition by creating stunning HTML emails with just a few clicks of your mouse.

– How one simple safelist email can generate multiple streams of income for you over and over again.

And a whole lot more!

Click here to download the pdf

Click here to go to Jerri’s site SafeList Marketing Tactics

Fast Easy Safelist Management and Email Sending

There are so many new safelists/viral mailers launching lately, and of course you want to make the most of them all.

I am SO GRATEFUL for UltiSend because it is the best organizing and time saving tool available for managing my safelists and mailings.

(Scroll down to see a video of how it works.)

UltiSend keeps track of:

– ALL my mailers (unlimited! for all members)
– which mailers I can send from now
– my last 3 mailings to each mailer, and the stats
– all my mailing templates, just select one and it auto-pastes!
– new mailers (adds them automatically)
– new emails (automatically adds them to my stored templates if I choose)
– which mailers allow the link in the email (takes the link out if not allowed)
– what the name token is for each mailer (for example #FIRSTNAME# or ~fname~ is automatically inserted where I want it)


UltiSend is a browser add-on available to members of ViralMailProfits.

It was created by the very clever Troy Wray, who has a gift for creating time-saving resources for internet marketers.  (For example, VitalViralPro tracker.)


To begin mailing, I log in at Viral Mail Profits.

The UltiSend bar appears, and I click on the clock icon to see which mailers are due for sending.

Then I click on the “Go” icon next to each mailer name, to go to the login page.
(UltiSend will remember my logins if I want it to.)

Once I’m logged in, the UltiSend toolbar appears when I’m on the Send Mail
page in my mailer, and I pick the email I want to send and fetch the template.

UltiSend autofills the email subject and body, and inserts the correct name token.

I enter the number of credits I want to use. And then I use the UltiSend send button
to send my email. UltiSend replaces my link with a tracking link, and sends the email.

UltiSend keeps track of how many credits I used, and how many clicks my emails
got at each mailer.

All of this takes just a few seconds!

It’s the best tool ever, and it enables me to make the most of my mailers.

Watch me send a mailing using UltiSend:

(The mailer in the video is Rodeo Mailer .)

What Happened At The PureLeverage Conference?

My friend Richard Weberg, owner of YourEightSteps , has just returned from the PureLeverage conference, and he has lots to share about what he learned.  Watch his video here:

In the video, Richard mentions the issue of Email Deliverability and how important it now is to have your own domain.  Why do you need your own domain? Because using a free domain like Yahoo or AOL could get a lot of your autoresponder emails sent to Spam.

Carol Walczak

Carol Walczak

If you don’t have your own domain yet, I highly recommend the hosting at GVO HostThenProfit.

Click here to learn how to set up your own email accounts in cPanel.