▶ Marketer, Are You Being Paid For Your Work?

By | April 24, 2014

▶ ABRAHAM HICKS Artist Being Paid For His Work – YouTube.

In this awesome video, Abraham answers a question from an artist.  He loves creating his art, but has trouble getting people to pay for it.

Internet marketing is the same.  We create – a website, an ebook,  a squeeze page and email series, even a splash page… because we have something which, to us, is beautiful!  We know it’s great… it’s useful, people would benefit from it.  So we put it out there.

But how to get people to sign up?  And pay?

Product creation is one creation.  Marketing is a whole additional creation, which needs to be visualized and loved just as much as the product creation.

It takes time to learn marketing, and that is because  it’s all intertwined with our own confidence and self esteem, and our own feeling of how much we (or our creations) are actually worth to the world.

So don’t give up, keep on going.  You have something of value already.  Now find a way to get others to see the value too.  It’s alike a biofeedback loop – every step you take inside yourself, will bring you a response from the outside world.  In other words, the more confident you become about the actual value of your product to others, the better your marketing will be, and the more sales you will make.

So, like the artist, you can go from a place where you know your product is wonderful, but you don’t even expect anyone to pay you for it (because they don’t seem to do so) – to a place where you can see/feel lots of people gladly opening their wallets because damn, this thing is great and they want it!

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