Launch of InfinityPUSH Delayed To Midnight

InfinityPush from Clinton Clark was due to launch at 3pm EST, but that has been delayed to Midnight This could be good news for you!  Since the site is still in prelaunch, you can still buy a yearly Premium position and get 18 months, get positioned at the top for maximum results, and be all… Read More »

Where To Get BitCoin

BitCoin is just entering the safelist and traffic exchange niche, and you might not have any when you want to buy into a new opportunity. Here is what you can do to buy some BitCoin: Join a BitCoin exchanger like CoinBase and set up your account. Add your Visa or Mastercard as a funding source.… Read More »

The Secret to Mastering Mailers (A Simpler Way)

Have you been looking for a simpler way to manage your safelist mailings? I’ve been using and promoting a more complicated system, but after hearing from several people who could not understand it, I went looking for an easier way. And I found it! It’s called Mailer Ninja, and it is a very simple system,… Read More »

Fast Easy Safelist Management and Email Sending

There are so many new safelists/viral mailers launching lately, and of course you want to make the most of them all. I am SO GRATEFUL for UltiSend because it is the best organizing and time saving tool available for managing my safelists and mailings. (Scroll down to see a video of how it works.) UltiSend… Read More »